The Impulse Decision That Makes Me Happy Every Day

I am much more concerned about things that will feel delightful rather than impressive.

Celerie Kemble – One of my very favorite interior designers.

My kitchen backsplash makes me smile! It was not my first choice. I really wanted Carrara marble in a herringbone pattern. I was dead set on it. I walked into a beautiful tile store and stated very clearly and definitively what I wanted. The idea was to quickly get it ordered so that I could get back to the office as I was on my lunch break. Then we started talking numbers. The cost was twice what I had budgeted. The labor was going to be even more than the materials. I didn’t like any of the suggestions for a similar look such as ceramic subway tiles or ceramic tiles in a herringbone pattern. That was not the look I was going for and wasn’t what I wanted. I wanted what I wanted!

I walked through the showroom just to see if there was anything else I might like. There was this gorgeous display of porcelain patterned tile that I immediately fell in love with. My comment to the designer was something along the lines of “I love it so I probably can’t afford it.” Her response? “That tile and the labor will be more than half the cost of the Carrara herringbone.” My response? “That one! Let’s do it!” A few minutes later I was back in the car and couldn’t believe I chose something for my kitchen so quickly and on a whim. I went with my gut and the way it made me feel when I first laid eyes on it. In the past I would have needed to send it to my mom, my sister, five friends and post on Facebook for feedback and approval. I used to be so nervous and not so confident in my own choices. Not anymore! I am sticking with staying true to myself and making choices based on who I am. My home is such a representation of my personality.

Patterned tile is definitely a hot trend right now. Trends come and go, but style does not. This classic pattern in neutral colors will enhance any paint color or kitchen updates I make in the future. The distressed patina on the tile gives it a beautiful weathered appearance that adds character and charm. Kind of like the patina I have developed over the years. Ha!

These 8×8 tiles are by Nola and the pattern is Lafayette.

6 thoughts on “The Impulse Decision That Makes Me Happy Every Day

  1. Always listen to your gut and stay true to who you are. You’ll always come out a winner. And you are definitely a winner with this tile ❤️

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